Behind the Cooking Scene: What is a Slow Cooker?

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Fast Breaking News: What Is a Slow Cooker and How It Can Solve Your Cooking Problems Forever!

what is a slow cookerIs your lack of time jeopardizing your family’s desire for a home cooked meal?

Yep, the same thing happens to me.

But, I discovered an exciting way to cook I want to share with you.

That’s why I wrote this article which answers the question; “what is a slow cooker” to ease your mind.

Lasting Impression of a Hot Dinner (Slow Cooker Style)

So, you want to buy a slow cooker? Maybe you have sweet dreams of coming home to a hot dinner done for you.

And, this delicious slow cooker meal makes your  house smell so delicious. But, what is a slow cooker and how do you choose the right one. And most importantly, how much do you need to spend?

Small Or Big Slow Cooker? What Size is Best For You?

small or large slow cookerNow, slow cookers are available in a variety of sizes. And, I wouldn’t presume to judge the size of your family, or their appetite.

But, I researched and found the 6 to 7 quart to be the best crockpots available.

This size allows enough room to cook any full-size recipe.

In my research, I also discovered an oval shape slow cooker is more resourceful than a round one.

This is especially true when you prepare a larger roast.

I also prefer a glass lid because it allows me to check the progress of my meal without opening the lid. And, the glass lid traps the moist heat.

You’ll find plenty of reviews about “old style” and the new digital programmable slow cookers. But…

I’m Definitely Impressed With the Digital Programmable Model!

The digital programmable slow cooker cooks for whatever time frame you set.

And,  it automatically powers down to warm mode until you’re ready to serve a delicious hot meal to your loved ones.

But, people use slow cookers for much more than just braises and stews these days. This makes a good fit for digital programmable slow cookers.

I’m confident the more modern slow cooker is for truly hands-off cooking.

What Is a Slow Cooker? Well, Slow Cookers Remain Pretty Basic

programmable crockpotSlow cookers are nothing more than big cupboard pots sitting in a hollow housing.

Inside that housing resides a long skinny heating element. This “heater” wraps around the lower middle of the pot like a belt.

Also, the belt wraps itself around the pot with wires.

These wires look just like those red hot wires you see inside your toaster.

When the pot is on, the wire heats up, gently warming the crock pot.

In addition,  I discovered a certain style of crock pot with a very thin, lightweight metal crock. So, this type heats and cools down much faster.

The heating elements, which were placed underneath, made the slow cooker appear to be sitting on an enclosed electric hot plate.

But, browning food in the pot before slow cooking instead of using a separate skillet is one feature many people really like.

Now What Are They Really? I’m Sure You’ll Agree Slow Cookers Are a Life Saver

best slow cooker questionCooking scrumptious food is only half the battle.

In a nutshell, slow cookers are all about convenience.

And besides, the whole point is to be quick and easy, isn’t it?

You do want to set meals up and walk away, right?

But Where Do You Get Them? Stop Spending Time Searching for the Best Slow Cooker

best slow cookerNow, we’ve answered the question, “What is a Slow Cooker.” Here’s your opportunity to own one.

A top seller I found is the KitchenAid 6-Qt slow cooker with solid glass lid.

One feature many people love about the KitchenAid is its protruding handles with the nice secure grip.

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And, no more worry about burning your hands when grabbing the handles because they never get too hot.

What is a Slow Cooker is Not as Important as What to Cook in One…

Cooking spectacular home cooked meals is the reason I designed this slow cooker website.

And, the best place to start cooking like a pro is by finding a good slow cooker cookbook. I found one I really like called “The Complete Slow Cooker“ by America’s Test Kitchen.

==> Read my review of The Complete Slow Cooker here…

I’m sure happy I could enlighten you about what is a slow cooker and hope all your meals turn out mmmm.. good!

Thank you. Come back often for more slow cooker stories, recipes and cookbook reviews.