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Using a Crock Pot – Have Fun with Your Slow Cooker

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Using a Crock Pot May Be Easier Than You Think With These 6 Quick Cooking Tips

Are you using a crock pot more than any other kitchen appliance? I  know I do! Here’s some…

Exciting News for Those Who Love to Cook – But Don’t Have the Time

using a crock potAnd, in my many years of using a crock pot, I’m finally discovering what a tremendous asset it is for preparing my family delicious meals.

So, I’m hoping you will be creating more delicious home-cooked meals in your crock pot once you read my 6 quick tips…

Tip #1 STOP! No Peeking Allowed When Using a Crock Pot

It’s so tempting to lift up that lid, isn’t it?

But, do you realize by lifting the lid up on your slow cooker you’re taking away 20 to 30 minutes of cooking by letting out steam?

You know what this means? You’re going to have to add more cooking time to your recipe.

Also, No Stirring Unless Clearly Stated in the Recipe!

Reminder: Generally 1 hour of cooking on high equals two hours on low

Tip #2 Fill Your Slow Cooker Properly

When you put too little or too much food in your slow cooker it will not cook properly.

Filling the slow cooker directly to the top causes the food to steam instead of simmer.

This results in a much longer cooking time and not as tasty results.

So, always make sure your slow-cooker is 1/2 to 2/3 full.

Tip #3 Cooking Vegetables in Crock Pot is a Sure Thing

When cutting up carrots and potatoes to put in your crock pot, keep the pieces about the same crock pot cooking tipssize.

By having the vegetables the same size, the pieces will cook uniformly and be finished at the same time

And, the vegetables are soft enough for eating without seeming overcooked.

Tip # 4 There’s a Simple Approach to Cooking Meat – Now You Know…

The thing I love about cooking meat in my crock pot is the fact that the meat is well done yet tender enough to cut with a fork.

if you’re going to be slow cooking with meat, always layer the vegetables in first.

Then, add your meat on top because, believe it or not, the meat and vegetables are going to finish cooking at the same time


if you’re using ground beef or ground turkey for soup or chili, brown it, then drain it.

By taking this step, your dish will be more flavorful.

Low Grocery Budget? Don’t Worry!

Some cheap cuts of meat actually taste better cooked in the crock pot.

But, if you’re using inexpensive meat in the crock-pot you may get a little bit of extra fat

If so, problem solved by taking a piece of bread, lay it on top of the meat and it’ll absorb all the fat.

Then, remove the bread and you’re good to go.

Don’t Know What to Cook In Your Crock Pot? Using a Crock Pot is Simple – Really!

Tip #5 Learn Classified Information about Cooking Baked Potatoes

Everybody loves good old fashioned baked potatoes, right? Did you know you can cook them in your crock pot?

Just wash the potatoes, pierce with a fork,  wrap in foil and place them in your slow cooker.

Cook 8 or 10 hours on low or 3 or 4 hours on high.

Tip #6 Crock Pot Desserts! Believe It or Not!

using a slow cookerHow many times have you been asked to bring a dessert to a gathering?

But, you had to refuse because you just didn’t have enough time to prepare it with your busy schedule.

Guess What!

Now that you’ve discovered you can cook desserts in your crock pot, you can say yes with a smile when asked to bring a dessert to a party, potluck or any occasion.

Preparing Your First Crock Pot Dessert? Read These Pointers First!

  • Desserts you normally boil on top of the stove work very well
  • Since no water will be boiling off, use about 3/4 of water you would normally use
  • Always melt butter before adding to slow cooker
  • Add less spices than normal as they tend to be overpowering in a crock pot dessert
  • Opening your crock pot too soon may cause the dessert to fall.

I’m confident that…

If you are a first time use, these six quick tips for using a crock pot will help you maximize flavor and ensure a mouth-watering meal for you and your family every time.

You can too!

Strive for Cooking Perfection – Time & Taste is the Best of Both Worlds!

The great news is, you can find tons of slow cooker meal ideas right at your fingertips. Choose from these two options…

  1. Go online and just search for something like “healthy slow cooker recipes” or even “slow cooker meals” (without the quotation marks).
  2. Online and physical book stores carry hundreds of fine literature zoomed in on some of the best slow cooker recipes. So, you’ll never run out of amazing dinners to cook in your crock pot.

I’ve written several crock pot reviews which feature some of the top-selling cookbooks for slow cookers so you can make good choices before buying.

==> See the best slow cooker cookbook review here as an example.

And, the best place to start cooking like a pro is by finding a good slow cooker cookbook. I found one book I really like. It’s called “The Complete Slow Cooker“ by America’s Test Kitchen.

The Complete Slow Cooker is by a trusted author and is revered with positive reviews like this one…

The Complete Slow Cooker: From Appetizers to Desserts in the prefect slow cooker book. It lives up to all my expectations. It offers a great variety of recipes, easy to prepare and really tasty.


As I said before, find combinations of delicious slow cooker chicken recipes ready for use online. By simply following the recipe,  you can serve a variety of tasty chicken crock pot meals to your precious family everyday.

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Thank you for stopping in. Come back often for more slow cooker meal ideas, stories, unique crockpot recipes and cookbook reviews. – Jean