Slow Cooker Chicken Ideas – Valentines Chicken & Potatoes is Love at First Sight!

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Show Your Honey Some Cooking Love This Valentine’s Day with These Slow Cooker Chicken Ideas

Ready to add some real spice to your relationship? Savor these slow cooker chicken ideas along with 8 romantic steps.

Literally, you can create a “love at first sight” dish for your soul mate on Valentine’s Day  Just take the plunge and prepare this slow cooker chicken, potatoes and white wine recipe and watch his eyes light up!

Perhaps, you want to spend a nice, romantic evening at home on Valentine’s Day instead of fighting the crowds at that expensive restaurant.

But, most of all, you want to prepare this slow cooker chicken, potatoes and white wine recipe for the love of your life.

Below is a guide to help make your last-minute Valentine’s Day plans both possible and  memorable.

7 Ways to Make Your St. Valentine’s Day a Date to Remember – It’s NOT Just about the Recipe or Turning Up Your Slow Cooker…

slow cooker chicken ideasStep 1. First of all, surprise your partner with a romantic evening at home. In addition, cook their favorite slow cooker meal.

Light some candles, and end the night with a warm bath. No reservation required. Add rose petals to the bath for added romance.

Step 2. Also, get out your digital camera and spend the day outdoors photographing each other.

Ask other people to photograph you together. Later on, go inside for more candid Valentine’s Day shots.

Step 3. Invite other couples over for a fun-filled evening playing Valentine’s Day games for couples. Search the internet for fun party game ideas.

Step 4. Find a nearby bed-and-breakfast for an evening of pampering and relaxation.

Step 5. Enjoy a movie marathon at home. Rent your favorite romantic movies, make some popcorn, and cuddle on the couch.

Step 6. Lace up some skates and head to an ice-skating rink for some icy fun.

Step 7. Spend a relaxing day together getting pampered at a local spa.

Want to Make Your Valentine’s Day Celebration Special, But Don’t Have the Time? The Answer May Be Your Slow Cooker!

If you chose Step 1, I want to help you make it possible by sharing this slow cooker chicken idea with you.

You will be proud to serve this delicious meal to your loved one on this very special day.

My Number One Pick for Slow Cooker Chicken Ideas? Crock Pot Chicken, Potatoes and White Wine Recipe


  • Pearl Onions – 8 Ounces
  • Fingerling potatoes – 12 Ounces
  • Chicken Pieces – 2-1/2 Pounds
  • Flour- 3 Tablespoons
  • Olive Oil – 2 Tablespoons
  • Butter – 2 Tablespoons
  • Chopped Shallot – 1/4 Cup
  • Garlic – 3 Cloves (minced)
  • Chicken Broth – 1-1/2 Cups
  • Dry White Wine – 1-1/2 Cups
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  • First of all, cut ends off onions and peel. Leave whole.
  • Also, cut any large potatoes in half to make all similar in size.
  • Season both sides of chicken with salt and pepper, and then coat in flour.
  • In a large Dutch oven, heat olive oil on high.
  • Brown chicken for about two minutes per side. (Do this in two batches to avoid over-crowding the pot.)
  • Remove chicken and reserve.
  • Also, in the same Dutch oven, melt butter and cook shallots until soft.
  • Add garlic and cook for 30 seconds.
  • Stir in chicken broth and white wine, making sure to scrape bottom of pot.
  • In addition, season with salt and pepper.
  • Place onions and potatoes in a large slow cooker; then place chicken on top.
  • Pour white wine mixture over the chicken.
  • Liquid should come about 2/3 of the way up the chicken.
  • Finally, cover and cook on high for five hours.
  • Serve chicken with potatoes and onions and sauce spooned over the top.

These Ideas along with My Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe Will Rekindle Your Valentine’s Day Magic – I Think You’ll Agree…

Perfection abounds on this special evening.

And, you won’t be spending hours in the kitchen, right?

Don’t Stop with This Slow Cooker Idea – Get Even More Recipes Like This One…

Yes, you can find other slow cooker chicken ideas online. But, why would you? I’ve already done the work for you.

In fact, this slow cooker Valentine recipe cookbook is something I think you will cherish.

It gives 15 amazing slow cooker ideas for chicken and more!

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And, that special someone will love any slow cooker chicken recipe you prepare, especially if it means you can spend more time together.

Don’t wait, go now and download your copy of these delicious recipes.

Enjoy the day together, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day! – Jean


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