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Jean Pardue Here…

As a woman who has always juggled home life and a career, I never seem to have enough time to provide good wholesome meals for my family.

I was just like you. Busy, busy, busy! Then, something amazing happened!

 Then, I discovered the wonderful world of slow cooker cookbooks…

Cooking nutritious and delicious meals is a common problem among career women like yourself.

Do you find it impossible to work and take care of your hungry family a the same time?

Once I found I could work and come home to a meal ready to eat I was hooked. You will be too.

That’s why I created this slow cooker cookbook blog so that other women wouldn’t have to suffer like I did.

So, after hearing many conversations from women about not having the time or too tired to cook, I decided to put together this site.

If you’re looking for what I consider to be the best slow cooker cookbook, check out my homepage.

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